10 Ways to Restart/Shutdown Your Mac

Today I want to show you a few different ways you can restart or shutdown your Mac. Listed below are 10 methods you can use based on the status of your Mac. A few of the approaches for shutting down or restarting may be preferred in most situations, whereas some of the methods are better to use when your Mac becomes unresponsive.
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How to access your macOS VPS using Remotix

In this tutorial I will be showing you how to configure your Remotix application in regards to accessing your HostMyApple macOS VPS. Remotix has a 15 day trial and a paid version. I personally love using Remotix. Continue reading below and we will show you how to configure yours today.
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How to install TeamViewer on Windows and macOS

This tutorial is going to walk you through the entire process of installing Teamviewer on your PC and macOS. Please be sure to only utilize TeamViewer for non commercial use while utilizing it as freeware. I personally enjoy this application and connect to my macOS VPS from my mobile device and tablet all the time. I love the fast connection and the ability to up or downscale the quality while working. Please be sure to only utilize this software for commerical purposes with a paid license to avoid any software restrictions moving forward. Scroll down and lets begin.
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How to access your macOS VPS using NoMachine

Today I am going to show you step by step how to install NoMachine. Alongside, I will also be showing you how to utilize this
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