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Simple Steps for Setting Up L2TP VPN macOS Sierra

Simple Steps for Setting Up L2TP VPN macOS Sierra

Ready to set up L2TP VPN macOS Sierra? This post will take you through the simple steps to getting everything squared away. Moving from IPSec to L2TP is easier then you may have thought.

All you need to do is these 6 steps:

Select the Network by opening your System Preferences. Once there, click + so that you can make a new service. In this case, it will be your VPN service.
Choose your VPN service’s interface. When the screen pops up it should default to VPN so that it’s easy to find.
Input your new VPN server address and your account. When doing this you need to ensure that your new server for L2TP VPN has been configured appropriately. If issues arise at this step, you can easily search how to configure your server. If it’s not immediately ready, this should only take a few minutes to correct.
Set up your Authentication Settings by clicking “Authentication Settings”. This will prep your machine.
Next, you will want to click the “Advanced” button that appears. Select “send all traffic to VPN” and then select “OK”. Once this has been selected, click the “apply” button you see.
You’re almost there. To connect to your new L2TP VPN server, select “Connect” on the screen. This will be right below “Authentication Settings”.

When finished, you’ll be able to see that you’re connected by looking at the connection status. A time will be given to verify you’ve set up the connection correctly to your specific Mac IP address.

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