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How to access your macOS VPS using Remotix

In this tutorial I will be showing you how to configure your Remotix application in regards to accessing your HostMyApple macOS VPS. Remotix has a 15 day trial and a paid version. I personally love using Remotix. Continue reading below and we will show you how to configure yours today.

  • Lets begin by naviating to
  • Once you get to the website simply select download 15 day free trial or purchase.


  • Once you have successfully installed Remotix your screen should look similar to the screenshot below.

Configuring your VPS Connection

  • Lets start off by selecting the “monitor+” icon and select “VNC“.

New Server “Computer” Tab

  • After you selected “VNC” you will be brought to a screen like the one listed above.
  • Personalize your VPS and give it a “Name” and provide the “HOST” IP address for your HostMyApply VPS.

New Server “Authentication” tab

  • We will now navigate to the “Authentication” tab
  • Select “macOS Login (Apple Only)
  • Provide the “Username” your macOS utilizes
  • Lastly fill in the “Password” for your macOS VPS

New Server “VNC Settings” tab

  • “VNC Server Type” – Apple Screen Sharing
  • Keyboard Type” – US (ANSI)
  • “Encryption” – Passwords & Key Presses
  • “Quality Level” – Adaptive
  • “Enable” – Server Scaling
  • “Save”

Remotix Configuration Complete

  • Double-Click your newly created HostMyApple VPS connection and enjoy

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